Giving Mother Earth tools for repair.
We take so much from her

Each one of us can make the difference
Plant-A-Thon Events

Easy, fun planting events to restore mother earth, renew your connection.

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Reconnect with mother earth and plant trees with us

Why it's so important to plant trees?

Dozens of species lost forever everyday

The fastest rate of extinction is happening now. Planting trees can help slow climate change, restore habitats and restore the ocean's pH balance.
Extinction Crisis

15 billion trees cut every year

The only thing we have to store the carbon we have created and slow global warming are trees, yet we are removing them at an alarming rate.
Tree loss

Over 145,000,000 trees dead because of drought

The last 8 years of drought in California as devastated the state forest. Millions of additional trees are weakened and expected to die in the coming months and years.
Drought toll

2017 over 10,000,000 acres burned

Costing almost 3 billion U.S. federal tax dollars to fight plus additional state funds. In additional to the fire fighting cost the insurance cost and personal losses.
Fire loss

U.S. Forest Service & Climate Change

How trees sequester carbon and their benefits to the planet.
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17.5 million acres infested by bark beetles

Climate change has hastened the spread of bark beetles. Over 100,000 trees are falling everyday because of bark beetle infestations.
bark beetles

Record Losses From Natural Disasters

Overall losses in 2017, including uninsured damage, came to $330 billion. We can not afford the monetary or the humanitarian cost of climate change. These cost mean higher taxes, housing, insurance premiums, food and material cost for us all.
More to come

Population Doubling

As the world population continues to double natural resources will be strained like never before. Current climate change is a result of the last 150 yrs of growth in developed nation imagine the populations like India and China with 1000% larger populations beginning to become wealthier and increase their purchasing power.
Growth of populations

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Communities helping Mother Earth
One seedling at a time


Donate at least $1 or do more

Donate at least $1 to restore trees that have been taken to build our homes, removed to grow our foods and manufacturer products. If you can do more find your personal or business carbon foot print and become carbon free for the year.
My carbon Impact


$1 for every 10 metric tons to be carbon free

Once you have your total impact divide by 10 and that is the number of trees you should plant this year to be carbon free.
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reconnect at a plant-a-thon

Participate in a Plant-A-Thon and as you pot your seedlings think of the work they will be doing to reduce our impact on mother earth. Once you pot your seedling in a bar-coded container add the bar-code information to your account. When your seedlings are planted in their new for-ever home we will add the Geo-codes of the seedlings to your account and you can use satellite images to track the progress of your seedlings.
Tree loss

Donate to restore trees to our Mother Earth


How do I affect climate change?

Americas' carbon impact is higher than any other country. Everything we purchase and most of our transportation needs has a carbon impact. Use the link to see what your impact is.
My Carbon Impact

What are Greenhouse Gases?

There are a few greenhouse gases but Carbon Dioxide is the longest living greenhouse gas. Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) is a leading contributor to climate change.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Why are the oceans so important?

The oxygen that we depend on as humans comes predominantly from the ocean. With climate change and the acidification of the oceans, life on the planet is in danger.
Oxygen for life

What is ocean Acidification?

The more Carbon Dioxide the ocean sequesters the more acidic the ocean's become. The ocean is 30% more acidic than it was 200 years ago, and it is acidifying faster than at any time in Earth’s history.
A crisis is occurring

Why plant trees

Trees are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in their wood, and continue to add carbon as they grow. Planting trees is the only and the cheapest option for storing the carbon we have created.
350 million years' experience

What is climate change?

The climate is changing and science can help us understand it.
The Science and Facts


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