Kubota M7060 Tractor

Help us find our Kubota

Stolen Kubota M7060 tractor. Serial / vin # KBUMFCDRTK8F81440. The thieves stole our tractor for our farm on Ferguson Rd in Gilroy. This is a $50,000+ tractor that we need to farm our 19 acres and for our reforestation work. The tractor is orange and has a black cage over the driver's seat. Additionally it has wide rear tire guard's as seen in the photos.
Contact us if you have information and for the reward money.

WARNING DON'T PURCHASE EQUIPMENT WITHOUT CONTACTING A POLICE DEPARTMENT AND DOING A SERIAL/VIN CHECK. If you purchase stolen equipment or vehicles you could in up in jail and lose the money used to purchase the stolen equipment. Don't become another victim of crime.

Daily arrest from a sheriff's office

Every day a lot of individuals are arrested for acquiring stolen property. This means they now have an arrest record and will have to spend thousands of dollars defending themselves in court, not to mention time loss from work for court hearings, losing employment or leads to deportation because of the arrest. Check out the sheriff's website and see how many individuals this sheriff's office arrests every day for possession of stolen property. "I didn't know it was stolen", isn't good enough. Possession of a stolen item is a crime. Also check out how many people are being arrested for stolen vehicles daily. Crime means higher cost for all of us.

Help us find our tractor post on social media to help.

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Help us replace our stolen tractor