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Request trees for your reforestation projects. Submit your request today and we'll work on funding trees for your project. No limit to the quantity, species or size tree for your project, if we don't have them we'll grow them for your project. Plan ahead and we may be able to provide assistance planting your trees too.

Urban planting

Trees play an important role in increasing urban biodiversity, providing plants and animals with a favorable habitat, food and protection. Especially in cities with high levels of pollution, trees can improve air quality, making cities healthier places to live in.

Leave a legacy

Trees not only provide us cooler cities, healthy forest and environmental benefits, they are a benefit for generations.

Easy to submit a request

Register for an account and submit your request online. Give us the details on the trees you would like and submit photos of areas you would like planted. Submit your request today and let us secure funding for your project.

Track project funding

Use your account to track funding for the trees in your project. As we receive funding for your projects each project will be updated with new totals for funded trees.

No cost fundraising made easy

You request trees for your projects and we do the fundraising. This is a great opportunity to replant and improve your forest and urban areas. Planning is key to success! Request the perfect trees for your project and let's restore the green!

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How many trees can we order

You can order as many trees as you would like. Order the trees that will be just right for your project.

Are the trees free

Yes, the trees requested for your project are free. There is no cost to you for us to secure funding, purchase or grow trees for your project. We may be able to help plant your trees as well. Submit your request today.

When will the tree be ready

It depends on the type of trees, size, season and their availability. Secure trees for your project.

Recognition for contribution

Yes, please plan to recognize the funders of your project. We will work with the project leader to find the best way of recognizing the funders of your project.

Planting the trees

We are here to support you and maybe able to provide delivery, site work and planting of your project too. Once we have the location, size and site information we can advise you.

Your account

Use your account to easily submit requests and to see the funding progress of your project. Submit your request today, funding happens in waves so make sure requests are submitted for funding review.  

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