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Orangeola Japanese maple

Product Id: 791
Price: $300

Tamukeyama Japanese maple

Product Id: 789
Price: $200

Coral bark, Saku Kaku

Product Id: 793
Price: $65

Crimson Queen Japanese maple

Product Id: 790
Price: $200

5 Tamukeyama Japanese Maple seeds

Off one of our beautiful Tamukeyama Japanese maples. Seeds have been stratified this winter and are ready to plant this season. Easy to start seeds. Start in part shade covering seeds with a 1/4 of compost mix. Keep moisture in the soil but not more than damp soil. Japanese maples don't like wet feet!

Product Id: 788
Price: $2.00

Bloodgood Japanese maple

Product Id: 794
Price: $65

Gwen’s Rose Delight Shirazz

Product Id: 787
Price: $350

Red dragon Japanese maple

Product Id: 792
Price: $90