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Deep red spring colors into late summer with green tones during summer then return to reds for fall

Product Id: 505
Price: $400


Bright red spring color fading to orange color into spring then transitions to Green for the summer months and then fall colors

Product Id: 508
Price: $400


Bright red leaves spring into summer transitioning into multi green and red colors through summer

Product Id: 504
Price: $400

Shojo nomura

Product Id: 506
Price: $400

Koto maru

Product Id: 502
Price: $400

Klaas red

Product Id: 501
Price: $400

Jerre Schwartz

Bright red spring leaves transitioning into auburn color during spring then green leaves into summer then fall colors

Product Id: 507
Price: $400

Yama hime

Bright red micro leaves into spring Transitioning into greens towards summer months then fall colors

Product Id: 503
Price: $400