Redwood Trees
Largest Longest Living Thing on the planet!

Once a forest 1000's of years old.
Reduced to dust.

90% of old growth redwood forest are gone

Planting trees
For a tomorrow

Beetle's killing 600,000 acres every year.
100,000 beetle-killed trees are falling daily

In Our Western States
17.5 million acres

Infested by bark beetles
Western Beetle Damage

Over 8.7 Million Acres burned in California in 2018
Damages costing over 91 billion dollars

Communities making the difference
One seedling at a time

Dozens of species lost forever everyday

The fastest rate of extinction is happening now. Planting trees can help slow climate change, restore habitats and restore the ocean's pH balance.
Extinction Crisis

Largest longest living thing on the planet

With a life span of up to 3,500 years and up to 350 feet tall. A Redwood forest can sequester more carbon than any other forest on the planet.
Storing Carbon

15 billion trees cut every year

The only thing we have to store the carbon we have created and slow global warming are trees, yet we are removing them at an alarming rate.
Tree loss

150,000,000 trees in California died because of droughts and fires in the past 8 years

That's approximately 4 trees lost per person that lives in California. Millions of additional trees are weakened and expected to die in the coming months and years.
Drought toll

State nurseries closed for years

During the great recession of 2008 many states closed their state run nurseries, which provided many hundreds of thousands of seedlings for reforestation.
Seedling shortage

Natural A/C units

A single redwood can transpire as much as 500 gallons of water a day. That’s as much water as you might use in an hour long shower!
Nature at work

Record Number of displaced people

War, hunger and violence has displaced over 65.6 million people. As food and water become scarcer the numbers will increase with the humanitarian burden falling on developed nations.
No where to go

Population Doubling

As the world population continues to double natural resources will be strained like never before.
Growth of populations

Record Losses From Natural Disasters

We can not afford the monetary nor the humanitarian cost of climate change.
More to come

Reduce your impact on mother earth
Sponsor seedlings to become carbon free


food waste & Animal products

Food waste is the third largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Reduce the amount of animal products you consume to reduce your impact. Over three quarters of food-related greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the production of animal products. Grow your food to reduce your impact. Join our come forge events to find your favorites.

DietImpact Forage

Reduce fossil fuel use

70% of the energy the US produces is wasted. We waste enough energy in one year to power the UK for 7 years. Reducing your transportation and energy needs will greatly reduce your impact.
Conserve energy


$1 to Plant Trees

Make last year's commute carbon free by planting 2 new redwood trees with Google One Today. Reforestation is a great way of sequestering the carbon you have already created. Additionally trees aid in habitat restoration, clean air, water and healthier soil.
Google one today

Plant a tree in the Covid-19 Memorial Forest & Nature Preserve. Carrying memories forward one tree ring at a time.
Covid-19 Forest

Support our new co-op ride-share and delivery service. Support co-op owners, zero emissions trips, zero emissions deliveries and more public charging stations. In our largest cities like San Francisco and New York over 70,000 ride share trips are taken in a single day, let's make those trips in zero emission vehicles.
Go Zero Emissions

Foster a tree and help replant forest, areas affected by fire and help with climate change. The only viable way to reduce the carbon we have created is planting a new tree. Super easy to care for and great fun to participate with planting it when it comes time.
Foster A Tree

Planting events where communities come together to start the next generation of forest to reduce our impact on mother earth. Do a Plant-A-Thon event with your city, co-workers and with your friends and family; every seedling counts.
Plant-A-Thon events

Request free trees
Submit Request

Request trees for your reforestation projects. Submit your request today and we'll work on funding trees for your project. No limit to the quantity, species or size tree for your project, if we don't have them we'll grow them for your project. Plan ahead and we may be able to provide assistance planting your trees too.

Trees play an important role in increasing urban biodiversity, providing plants and animals with a favorable habitat, food and protection. Especially in cities with high levels of pollution, trees can improve air quality, making cities healthier places to live in.

Progress report

From sales and donations at our visits to markets and festivals we are able to start 95,010 new seedlings. Over the coarse of their lives these seedlings will sequester 8,360,000,000‬ pounds of carbon! Visitors to the market have taken home over 2,710 new trees. Thank you!

With donations to our Google One Today projects we are raising 6,520 seedlings to make the commute for 630 people carbon free for 2019. Over the coarse of their lives these seedlings will sequester 573,760,000‬ pounds of carbon! Thank you!

Support the project & help offset your carbon impact.


How do I affect climate change?

Americas' carbon impact is higher than any other country. Everything we purchase and most of our transportation needs has a carbon impact. Use the link to see what your impact is.
My Carbon Impact

What are Greenhouse Gases?

There are a few greenhouse gases but Carbon Dioxide is the longest living greenhouse gas. Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) is a leading contributor to climate change.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Why are the oceans so important?

The oxygen that we depend on as humans comes predominantly from the ocean. With climate change and the acidification of the oceans, life on the planet is in danger.
Oxygen for life

What is ocean Acidification?

The more Carbon Dioxide the ocean sequesters the more acidic the ocean's become. The ocean is 30% more acidic than it was 200 years ago, and it is acidifying faster than at any time in Earth’s history.
A crisis is occurring

Why plant trees

Trees are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in their wood, and continue to add carbon as they grow. Planting trees is the only and the cheapest option for storing the carbon we have created.
350 million years' experience

What is climate change?

The climate is changing and science can help us understand it.
The Science and Facts

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